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Tarmin's GridBank 4.0 Targets Big Data, Social Media Analytics

By Pedro Hernandez

The company's latest storage management platform taps into social media data streams for advanced analytics.

Tarmin is making it easier for businesses to store and analyze the likes, tweets and shares that they rack up on social media.

The Boston-based storage software specialist today announced the general availability of GridBank 4.0, the latest edition of the company's active archiving platform. Among the new features is the "the industry’s first social media REST API," according to the company.

Today, some enterprises expect more out of their storage systems than simply serving up files and pushing data to their business applications. Increasingly, storage infrastructures are pulling double duty as the basis of Big Data analytics platforms.

By providing a common interface that links to social media provider, GrindBank 4.0 allows businesses to bring both social streams and instant messages data "into a centralized storage repository to be indexed and archived for compliance, e-Discovery and analytics," according to the company.

Exporting analytics data is a thing of the past. Organizations can point Hadoop and Big Data analytics tools to GridBank MetaBase, the product's distributed pre-processed metadata repository, "eliminating the need for migration to separate analytics storage pools and enabling real time, data-in-place analytics," claimed the company.

To improve performance, the GridBank's Enterprise Object Storage supports random access, which speeds up retrieval times and enables the solution to scale "to multiple petabyte levels and beyond," said the company. The new release also includes improvements to its data protection, search, e-discovery and corporate governance capabilities.

All told, GrindBank 4.0 marks Tarmin's entry into the increasingly competitive market for Big Data-friendly software-defined storage solutions.

Last week, IBM made a splash with a storage software platform based on the company's General Parallel File System (GPFS). Dubbed IBM Elastic Storage, the software blends flash storage support with automated management to help organizations spot business opportunities by exploiting Big Data.

Shahbaz Ali, president and CEO of Tarmin, said in a statement that GridBank 4.0 adheres to a "data centric approach that allows [organizations] to unlock the value of data assets and make forward-looking, business-critical decisions."

In prepared remarks, ESG senior analyst Mark Peters called GridBank 4.0's "timely," given the skyrocketing growth of unstructured data. He described Tarmin's storage tech as "a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to apply organization and realize the operational value that is otherwise trapped in that data onslaught," he added.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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  This article was originally published on Monday May 19th 2014
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