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SGI and Scality Team for Storage Migration and Tiering

By Pedro Hernandez

The companies integrate their respective storage management technologies to help businesses quickly move massive amounts of data to cost-effective tiers of storage.

SGI and Scality, a storage software startup, have partnered to help enterprises transfer Big Data to cost-effective storage.

The companies announced today that Scality's RING software has been integrated with SGI's Data Migration Facility (DMF) software. The result, according to the storage specialists, is a platform that enables organizations to "migrate massive volumes of data at wire speed," a feat made possible by RING's parallel architecture, said the storage specialists in a statement.

DMF is SGI's enduring, policy-based data migration and storage tiering software platform. The automated software monitors storage infrastructures and places data on appropriate tiers of storage -- moving critical business data to fast, high-performance arrays, for instance -- depending on an organization's performance and cost requirements. "Some customers have installations with over 100PB online data capacity, and nearly 2 billion files, at a fraction of the cost if conventional online architectures," boasts the company on its website.

RING is Scality's cloud-friendly, distributed object-based storage software that runs on commodity x86 hardware and provides self-balancing, auto-scaling and auto-tiering capabilities. The platform also supports erasure coding, data replication, and geo-redundancy along with a wide range of APIs (HTTP REST, RS2, Cinder OpenStack and Hadoop CDMI).

Last July, the startup banked $22 million in a Series C round led by Menlo Ventures and Iris Capital. In 2011, Scality partnered with CTERA Networks on a storage as a service platform for service providers and distributed enterprises, enabling them to implement cloud-based storage and data protection services.

Now, SGI and Scality are bringing their technologies together for "the first industry deployment of DMF on an object storage platform," stated the firms.

The technology can help organizations optimize their IT budgets, according to Philippe Nicolas, director of Product Strategy at Scality. He said in prepared remarks that the combined solution "allows users to manage the cost of storage throughout the data lifecycle.

SGI's Floyd Christofferson, director of Product Marketing, said in a statement that the technology opens new doors for both the company and its customers. "Our integration with Scality represents an important step for SGI in growing the market for DMF and delivering a highly scalable storage tier for both our current customers and prospective users."

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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  This article was originally published on Tuesday Apr 8th 2014
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